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Windsong Dojo—Martial Arts for Body, Mind & Spirit

Windsong Dojo is one of Oklahoma City’s oldest and most respected training centers for the traditional Japanese Martial Arts. At Windsong we teach arts that empower the body, awaken the mind, and enlighten the spirit; arts that embody both tradition and innovation; arts that are both powerful tools for self-defense, and tools for inner growth—all in a relaxed, no-contract atmosphere and an adult learning environment.


We teach a non-competitive style of Tomiki Ryu Aikido, emphasizing a low impact, soft touch, self-defense approach to the "art of harmony."


At Windsong, we favor a medium intensity, proactive, highly empowering style of Kodokan Judo, an art which focuses primarily on throws and grappling.


Jodo is a traditional weapons art originating from ancient Japan which centers on the short staff, or jo, and its use against the sword. A serious study of jodo will transform perception and foster precision.

Through the dedicated practice of these arts, which together constitute a complete martial arts form we call Kaze Uta Budo, you will realize:

• a dynamic and internalized self-defense

• an improved health and vitality

• a greater self confidence and self-respect

• a path towards life harmony

• a strategy of non-violence and inner peace

• a new found sense of wholeness

• and many special friends to share the journey.

With time, practice, and patience, Kaze Uto Budo will truly transform your life. You will see and feel results. All are welcome.

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