In addition to our study of Gokyu No Waza we also study kata, randori, and shiai. The kata are a formal, pre-arranged series of techniques used as a teaching tool to understand the principles. In randori judoka at an intermediate level throw or grapple in a free-form, open setting as a practical application to the learned techniques. Shiai consists of all

out competitive match as used in tournaments. The list below comprises all the primary judo techniques for throwing and grappling as taught by both the Kodokan Institute and Windsong Dojo.

Nage Waza—Throwing Techniques

Tachi Waza—Standing Throws


Seoi Nage — shoulder throw

Morote Seoi Nage — two arm shoulder throw

Tai Otoshi — body drop

Sukui Nage — scooping throw

Kata Guruma — shoulder wheel

Uki Otoshi — floating drop

Sumi Otoshi — rear corner drop



O Goshi — major hip throw

Koshi Guruma — hip wheel

Harai Goshi — sweeping hip throw

Tsurikomi Goshi — lifting pulling hip throw

Hane Goshi — springing hip throw

Uki Goshi — floating hip throw

O Guruma — major wheel

Utsuri Goshi — hip shift

Ushiro Goshi — back hip throw


O Soto Gari — major outside reap

O Uchi Gari — major inside reap

Ko Uchi Gari — minor inside reap

Ko Soto Gari — minor outside reap

Deashi Harai — advancing foot sweep

Okuri Ashi Harai — double foot sweep

Hiza Guruma — knee wheel

Ashi Guruma — foot wheel

Harai Tsurikomi Ashi — lifting pulling foot sweep

O Soto Guruma — major outside wheel

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi — lifting pulling foot prop

Uchi Mata — inner thigh reap

O Guruma — big wheel

Sutemi Waza—Sacrifice Throws


Tomoe Nage — circular throw

Sumi Gaeshi — corner throw

Ura Nage — back throw


Yoko Otoshi — side drop

Tani Otoshi — valley drop

Yoko Guruma — side wheel

Uki Waza — floating throw

Yoko Wakare — side separation

Yoko Gake — side body drop

Katame Waza—Grappling Techniques

Osae Komi Waza—Pinning Techniques

Kesa Gatame — scarf hold

Kuzure Kesa Gatame — variation of scarf hold

Kata Gatame — shoulder hold

Kami Shiho Gatame — top four corner hold

Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame — broken top four corner hold

Yoko Shiho Gatame — side four corner hold

Tate Shiho Gatame — straight four corner hold

Mune Gatame — chest hold

Shime Waza—Choking Techniques

Nami Juji Jime — normal cross lock

Gyaku Juji Jime — reverse cross lock

Kata Juji Jime — half cross lock

Hadaka Jime — naked lock

Okuri Eri Jime — sliding collar lock

Kata Ha Jime — single wing lock


Katate Jime — one hand choke

Ryote Jime — two hand choke

Sode Guruma Jime — sleeve wheel choke

Tsukomi Jime — thrust choke

Sankaku Jime — triangular choke

Kansetsu Waza—Joint Locking Techniques

Ude garami — entangled armlock

Ude hishigi juji gatame — cross armlock

Ude hishigi ude gatame — arm armlock

Ude hishigi hiza gatame — knee armlock

Ude hishigi waki gatame — armpit armlock


Ude hishigi hara gatame — stomach armlock

Ude hishigi ashi gatame — leg armlock

Ude hishigi te gatame — hand armlock

Ude hishigi sankaku gatame — triangular armlock

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