The student bearing the jo (shidachi) first performs a series of twelve basic striking movements (called kihon) without an attacker (usually practiced with the class as a group), or sotai dosa. He or she then executes them with a partner (uchidachi) who wields a bokken, called tandoku dosa. Lastly, both shidachi and uchidachi work together in learning the twelve kata forms—seitei no kata.

Jo Kamae Stances with Jo

Jo Kihon Basic Jo Techniques

Bokken Kamae Stances with Bokken

Bokkon Kihon Basic Bokken Techniques

Seitei no Kata Twelve Basic Kata


Jo Kamae

Sage Jo — neutral position

Tsune no Kamae — ready position

Honte no Kamae — normal strike position

Gyakute no Kamae — revearse strike position

Hiki Otoshi no Kamae — strike down position

Tsukizue no Kamae — first kata position

Hissage no Kamae — side position

Ichi Monji no Kamae — overhead position

Monomi no Kamae — resting jo position

Kasumi no Kamae — upward jo position

Jo Kihon

1) Honte Uchi — normal strike

2) Gyakute Uchi — revearse strike

3) Hiki Otoshi — downward strike

4) Kaeshi Zuki — low weapon thrust

5) Gyakute Zuki — high weapon thrust

6) Maki Otoshi — envelope, drop down

7) Kuri Tsuke — guide and stick to weapon

8) Kuri Hanashi — guide and let go

9) Tai Atari — crush the body

10) Tsuki Hazushi Uchi — deflect a thrust, strike

11) Do Bari Uchi — sweeping strike

12) Tai Hazushi Uchi — evade and strike

Bokken Kamae

Sage To — neutral position

Taito — ready position

Jodan no Kamae — high position

Chudan / Seigan no Kamae — mid level  position

Gedan no Kamae — low position

Waki no Kamae — low side position

Hasso no Kamae — prepared position

Bokken Kihon

Shomen Uchi — straight, overhead strike

Kesa Giri — diagonal cut

Yoko Uchi — side strike

Tsuke — thrust

Seitei no Kata

1) Tsukisue — stick that reaches the target

2) Tsuigetsu — solar plexus

3) Hissage — lower and make drop

4) Shaman — diagonal

5) Sakan — pentrate from the left

6) Monomi— vision of things

7) Kasumi — haze

8) Tachi otoshi — make the sword drop

9) Raiuchi — thunderous strike

10) Seigan — right in the eyes

11) Midaredome — turbulance control

12) Ranai — harmony out of chaos

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