Windsong Dojo is home to one of the most advanced
teaching staffs in the nation.

Windsong Dojo was founded in 1982 by Chuck Caldwell Sensei. Our tradition of excellence and welcoming, friendly atmosphere continue under the leadership of Nick Lowry along with over 40 active black belts, and over 15 black belts above 4th degree.

The teacher/student relationship is our primary concern. All budo instruction offered at the dojo is given freely, passed on from teacher to student, not sold as a service or product. Our goal is to share in training and learning in budo, to grow in positive and principled ways with one another, not to reap a profit or make a quick buck.

We believe that providing access to a wide range of highly skilled teachers, with various teaching styles and unique perspectives, is key to developing well-rounded students—students who will become the teachers of tomorrow.

About Nick Lowry Sensei

Nick Lowry has been involved in martial arts training for over 30 years. As a young teenager, he became enthralled by Musashi’s "Book of Five Rings" and "Tao te Ching" by Lao Tzu while at the same time training in competitive stick fighting.

As he neared adulthood, Nick turned away from the competitive arena, and began formal study of budo at the age of 18, in the arts of aikido, judo and jodo.

Nick trained directly under Chuck Caldwell Sensei,  founder of Windsong Dojo, as his uchideshi; subsequently also under Chuck's teacher, Mr. Karl Geis; and also under Ms. Tsunako Miyake in the study of jodo, tai chi , goshin jutsu no kata, and koshiki no kata.

Additionly, Nick has studied a variety of healing arts including Chi Gung, Masso-meridian balancing, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. And since the age of 22, Nick has also studied and practiced Zen and trained in formal Rinzai zen and Kwan Um (Korean style) zen. He has since  recieved Shiki Tokudo and become a fully ordained Zen priest.

In addition, Nick holds a M.A. in English, has taught English at the university level, has written an aikido book, created hundreds of technical kata videos, and has operated his own club-level dojo. Nick maintains a variety of artistic interests including painting, stone carving, singing, and poetry.

Nick continues to train in budo on an almost daily basis, and routinely travels throughout the US attending and teaching budo seminars.

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